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VoIP Montreal: Ubity Corporate profile

Working in IP communications technologies and particularly in the VoIP technology, drives us at Ubity. We’re always on the lookout for newer technologies that may change the way we communicate between us. We take in this regard, the commitment to keep our expertise up to date and to recruit curious individuals with which we share the same ambitions and interests.

Alain de Blois

Our Corporate Philosophy

We feel our corporate values and mission statement should be at the heart of each of our daily tasks. We believe each team member should share these values and our corporate vision.

Our ultimate goals are to:

•    Establish confidence between ourselves and our clients;
•    Have the upmost respect for our clients;
•    Act with integrity, both personally and professionally;
•    Have compassion for customers that have problems and seek to find solutions.

Ubity's Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our customers with simple, easy-to-use and cost-effective IP / VoIP solutions that meet their business communications objectives.

Employment Opportunities (see available positions)

Ubity Solutions is always on the lookout for talented, curious individuals who share our passion for IP, VoIP and other telecom technologies. We are specifically looking for people with whom we can trade industry experience and knowledge and those that can help make Ubity a leading VoIP service provider in North America.